More humanitarian than thou

Pop quiz: What do Obamacare, the birth control mandate, wealth redistribution, and affirmative action have in common?

3…2…1…time’s up!

So, what do all of these things have in common? Well, apart from the fact that they’re all bad for the economy, all of them are superficially generous causes that grant special privileges to some “oppressed” and “cheated” groups while abridging the liberties of us all.

47 million people can’t pay for health insurance? It should be for free! Hell, I’m so generous, I’ll even spend your money whether you like it or not!

Some women can’t afford contraceptives for their own sex? Hey, it’s their body, and their choice, you sexist bastard. You pay for it, though.

Some people earn six-or-more figure salaries? They must be stealing, screw their property rights.

A black guy didn’t get a job? Oh, well, it’s definitely because he was black. Plus, it’s not like businesses should, you know, have the right to choose their own employees. That would be downright silly.

Of course, I’d assume that most people like the idea of all Americans having healthcare, contraceptives, money, and a job regardless of racial/gender background, but how does attempting to achieve that justify violating the rights of another group?

It doesn’t.

However, the Lefties that support what is essentially legalize robbery often get away with this by capitalizing on just how humanitarian they are for supporting this, and just how cruel their opponents are for defending property rights. (I mean, how dare they?!) Unfortunately, we see this in politics all the time. Just a few weeks ago, Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke testified before Congress that it is her right to have other people pay for her own contraceptives; for her to switch to a cheaper school to pay for them would be downright sexist.

I’d have to give her a Victim Olympics gold medal, though; her sob story about her early-menopause friend was sufficient to bring tens of thousands of politically correct crybabies to her defense when Rush Limbaugh called her out for trying to make other people pay for her sex. When he called her a slut (which, admittedly, was stupid). it turned herself into Little Red Equality Hood and Limbaugh into the Big Bad Conservative.

To be honest, I don’t know why I should even be surprised that so many people agree with Fluke; demagoguery and good impressions tend to convince the people moreso than facts and logic (just look at Ron Paul’s delegate count in the Republican primaries) The point is that Lefties like Fluke are doing no good for humanity; “Social justice” is never justice if it is achieved by stepping all over the natural rights of another group. The only way to truly achieve it is by voluntary collection and goodwill, no stealing involved.


5 thoughts on “More humanitarian than thou

      • I am a Democrat. I am not FAR LEFT if based upon the norms. I am socially liberal, fiscally conservative, and a rational person.
        I think, that if we all took the time to talk to each other more (without the rhetoric) we would find out that we agree on many things.

        For instance, I am a staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment ; I think we should go to a “flat tax system- I don’t believe that we can cut taxes without restructuring programs. I want a public option for health care (so folks can choose); I think the Government should stay out of folks bedrooms; and that people should be free to do whatever they want so long as it doesn’t harm anyone. Jon Jaques was right when he said, man is born free but is everywhere in chains. Governments of all countries are simply Human FARMS, they use us to carry the weight-and, they have overstepped their authority; I don’t advocate for abortion, but I think a person should have the choice. It’s their body, and it’s ultimately between them, the doc, and their spiritual adviser; I could go on. What say you?

      • Judging by some of your posts (particularly “SOCIALIST- AND PROUD OF IT”), you could qualify for “fiscally conservative” in Germany, perhaps, but not here. Yes, I’m sure we could find some common ground on certain issues, but public option healthcare wouldn’t make “people free to do whatever they want so long as it doesn’t harm anyone.”

        I am a libertarian, and I do believe in a government that does little else but protect the people from other individuals materially damaging their persons, property, or liberty. Taxes should accomplish little else than collect the funds needed to maintain an infrastructure capable of performing that, and we shouldn’t be sending aid to other nations (except to combat poverty in the 3rd world). As for social policies, yes: The government should stay out of people’s bedrooms (ergo, I think Santorum is insane). However, I disagree with 3rd trimester abortion. The fetus is *mostly* alive at that point.

        I agree with your Rousseau quote; I would say that every government in history so far has been too large. Constitutional republics like ours are the most effective equilibrium between tyranny of the minority and tyranny of the majority ever put into practice. Human nature is often destructive to the freedom of others, and checks and balances are the only viable way to counterbalance people’s ambitions. There will always be people in government who aim to destroy freedom, but they only succeed when the people are ignorant and/or indifferent to the affront on their liberties. Though I’ve lost much of my admiration for him, Thomas Jefferson was spot-on when he said “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”.

      • I also disagree with 3rd trimester abortions (unless the mother’s life is compromised by it). We definitely have a base on which to build a compromised settlement. Why can’t our leaders do the same? Congress takes the “All or Nothing” stand; our Representative Republic is not so representative. I believe that even with our differences, if people like you and I would sit down, rationally discuss the issues, without threat of constituent reprisal, we could agree/negotiate rational terms. On another note, I recently watched some You Tube Vids from Stefan Molyneaux of Free Domain Radio? While I don’t agree with him on everything, he makes some very strong, valid points. Are you familiar with him?

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